Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 11-14, Paris!!

Ohh-la-la!! Paris, city of light!! We took the "littles" to Paris (the "big" stayed home deciding he was saving his energy for snowboarding in the Alps). We L-O-V-E Paris. Everywhere you look is beauty, history, and happy people. It was a wonderful last trip as we are right around the corner from ending our European adventure. We pack up at the end of December. So, out with a bang!

Our first trip was to the Louvre....a must do and wow....so many absolutely amazing works of art.

These days, you can take pictures of the Mona Lisa.

In case she doesn't remember this later....Katie was here.

Venus de Milo.....how cool is this??

Down near Place des Vosges in the beautiful Marais Quarter.

Shopping the Paris streets with my daughter.....does it get better than this?

Hotel de Ville area.

There are carousel's everywhere so the kids rode every single one they saw. It was fun looking for them!

On our way to Notre Dame.

Awe inspiring.

Time for a bite to eat.

Sainte Chapelle...wow....this is the prettiest little cathedral in Paris. In 1239, Saint Louis bought the crown of thorns from Venetian merchants, and so it was decided that these holy relics should be stored somewhere sacred. This church was finished in 1248. It is a masterpiece.

This window depicts the Apocalypse.

When you think that being at the Eifel Tower is as good as it gets, come back at night!

Sacre Coeur.

Getting yelled at while taking this picture.....totally worth it.

We loved the Montemartre quarter...very bohemian and artsy.

This neighborhood was where silhouette's first began.

On our way to the military museum and the tomb of Napoleon.

The tomb. Everything in this part of the military museum is completely over the top.....you start to understand how the term, "Napoleonic complex" came into use.

On our last day we went to the Rodin museum. The kids wanted to see "The Thinker" (La Penseur) after seeing the movie, Night at the Museum II.

The Jardin du Luxembourg.

The fast train home!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

September 25, Our last Volksfest

Every year since we moved to Stuttgart, we go to the Volksfest. It's basically the same as the Oktoberfest. A complete blast! This one was our last so we were so glad to be with some of our closest friends.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 12th, Venetian Festival in Ludwigsburg

We LOVE Ludwigsburg, and so going to a fest there is easy. This one was great, the whole platz was gated and inside they had entertainers, music (mostly opera), food, people selling Venetian things, and face painting!!!!

There were literally about a hundred people dressed up in Venetian costumes just walking around and happy to have their picture taken with anyone.

These guys were awesome. They walked around the platz and their dinosaur costumes made great sound effects.

Masks, of course.

Elaborate face painting.

Ta Da